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Dental Admission Test

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Dental Admission Test

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The only Audio Study Guide for the DAT


DAT AudioLearn is over 3 hours of science review for the Dental Admission Test (DAT).  This innovative supplemental tool has been recommended by more students studying for the DAT than any other in the market.  It remains one of the fastest and easiet ways to cram massive ammounts of information in the weeks and days leading up to the exam.

DAT AudioLearn covers the high yield science portion of the DAT exam:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry

Available on MP3 and as an iPhone/iPad app, the DAT AudioLearn can be instantly downloaded.  It can also be ordered to arrive on CDs.  With its convenient format, AudioLearn fits your busy lifestyle, enabling you to study anywhere, anytime. Best of all, you'll significantly increase learning and retention with AudioLearn's proven approach.

So start improving your DAT test scores - get DAT AudioLearn today! 

Table of Contents for DAT AudioLearn    

DAT Biology 1

7 Tracks


Track 1 Introduction 0:19

Track 2 Cell 14:48

Track 3 Chromosomes 12:28

Track 4 Reproduction 9:30

Track 5 Implantation 4:33

Track 6 Micoorganisms 8:33

Track 7 Biochemistry 10:11


DAT Biology 2

9 Tracks


Track 1 Human Physiology 6:28

Track 2 The Heart 7:07

Track 3 The Lymphatic System 1:48

Track 4 GI Tract 4:26

Track 5 Musculoskeletal System 7:09

Track 6 Kidneys 7:28

Track 7 Hormones 10:24

Track 8 Nerves 17:26

Track 9 Skin 0:59


DAT Biology 3

2 Tracks


Track 1 Genetics 6:31

Track 2 Population and Evolution 4:22




DAT Chemistry

12 Tracks


Track 1 Elements 6:25

Track 2 Hund?s Rule 9:48

Track 3 Periodic Table 4:01

Track 4 Covalent Bonds 1:38

Track 5 Molecule Shapes 1:42

Track 6 Kinetic Molecular Theory 3:50

Track 7 Phase change 1:24

Track 8 Solutions 3:08

Track 9 Oxidation Numbers 1:55

Track 10 Entropy 3:04

Track 11 Acids and Bases 2:24

Track 12 Galvanic and Electrolytic cells 1:21   PCAT Organic


DAT Organic Chemistry

16 Tracks


Track 1 Carbon 4:17

Track 2 Stereochemistry 5:13

Track 3 Alkane and Alkenes 11:54

Track 4 Benzene 2:17

Track 5 Hydrogen bonding 1:24

Track 6 Alcohols 4:23

Track 7 Phenols 0:52

Track 8 Aldehydes and Ketones 4:43

Track 9 Carboxylic acid 1:27

Track 10 Esters 0:55

Track 11 Ether 0:45

Track 12 Ammonia 2:01

Track 13 Amino Acids 9:16

Track 14 Carbohydrates 5:13

Track 15 Spectroscopy 3:50

Track 16 Separation and Distillation 4:31




I listened to them on the way to work everyday. It helped me to get the high score in my science sections (22, 27, 24) 


This is by far the best test prep. for the DAT. My friends have tried the one for the MCAT and they all loved it and suggested it to me. I found it very helpful, I like the fact that I could listen to it while driving. You will learn more than you ever thought. Its like having a personal tutor that repeats every thing as many times as you want. I can go on and on, but bottom line, GET IT, Its money well spent.

GOOD LUCK!!! Customer


I highly recommend this! I could study while I was lying in my bed or working out at the gym. It really helped me memorize all the stuff they make us remember. It worked for me. Customer


I used many aids to study for the DAT, and this one was excellent because it had the MOST IMPORTANT principles I needed to know. Little things like the pathway sound makes through the ear, or the path blood takes around the body, or why the loop of henley is so important in the nephron. It helped put the massive amounts of information in my head into an organized fashion. (I ended up getting a 26 on the Biology section - 100th percentile! No study guide will get you that score by itself, but this one sure helped!) Customer


These tapes were SO helpful! I got 20 in academic average and 20 in overall science! Must have if you want to do well on your next DAT!!


Very thorough review of the science questions covered on the DAT. I listened to it a couple of times and was able to recall a lot of information when I took the test. Don't use this as your only source of review, but definitely get it and listen to it a few times. One bad thing is that they don't have it on CD's yet. Hope this review helps all future dentists. good luck...