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Most graduate programs require that prospect students take the Graduate Record Examination or GRE, and in order to do well on this, you'll need a good grasp of GRE vocabulary. The GRE Vocabulary AudioLearn program is an excellent way to maximize your chances for success on what can be a challenging exam.

Today, the GRE is a computer based examination that is administered at qualified testing centers, and predominantly measures skills abstract thinking in the areas of mathematics, analytical writing and vocabulary, The GRE Vocabulary AudioLearn program prepares students for this particular part of the exam using tested scientific methods in a format designed by a team of educational experts, university professors and where appropriate, working professional in various fields.

The GRE Vocabulary AudioLearn program is easy to use and is available in your choice of compact disc, MP3 download or iPhone/iPad app. If you choose MP3 or iPhone app, you'll be able to download your purchase immediately following purchase right here at the AudioLearn website.
Your GRE Vocabulary AudioLearn program includes a review of over 500 words that typically appear on this examination and a booklet in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat required)

This combination of text and audio covers spelling, syntax, sentence usage, pronunciation and more. The GRE Vocabulary AudioLearn program has been designed and developed in accordance with proven science on how people learn most effectively. Each word is pronounced, spelled and defined; the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) is identified, and the word is then used both in a sentence and in a narrative structure.

The instructional design used for all AudioLearn products is known by the acronym A.D.D.I.E., referring to the steps involved in presenting the material: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. Material is presented in a logical sequence that maximizes both comprehension and retention.

While no test-preparation product can guarantee a passing score on any exam, customer feedback indicates that those who have used the GRE Vocabulary AudioLearn program have experienced a great deal of success. And with a price under $50, it is a tremendous value and investment in your future success. Start today in preparing yourself for the GRE by ordering your GRE Vocabulary AudioLearn program today.

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