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NCLEX-RN AudioLearn offers a complete audio review for the NCLEX-RN.  Recommended for all candidates looking for an extra boost as the test date fastly approaches.      

This powerful tool helps you study for this challenging test in 3 powerful ways:

  • You can study anytime, anywhere.  On your commute to work/school, at the gym or while shopping and before you go to sleep.
  • You will remember the key points tested on the NCLEX-RN like the lyrics to your favorite song.
  • You will greatly increase your study time efficiency allowing you to do other things important to you.

NCLEX-RN AudioLearn covers ALL test sections:

- Safe, Effective Care Environment
- Health Promotion and Maintenance
- Psychosocial Integrity
- Physiological Integrity
- And much, much more!

Download this NCLEX Audio review to your laptop computer, iPod or any MP3 player and get started now.  With its convenient format, NCLEX-RN AudioLearn fits your busy lifestyle, enabling you to study anywhere, anytime. Best of all, you'll significantly increase learning and retention with AudioLearn's proven study format, making your NCLEX preparation efficient.

To learn more, please visit the Table Of Contents tab or to hear a sample of the NCLEX-RN AudioLearn, click on the Samples tab.

Table of Contents for NCLEX-RN AudioLearn    

I. NCLEX-RN information

A. Test plan and procedures for CAT NCLEX-RN 
B. Preparation
1. What kind of learner are you?
a. Seven kinds of intelligences
2. How to interact with the material.
a. musical
b. visual
c. active imagination
3. Critical thinking strategies
4. Deconstructing the question
5. Constructing your own answer
6. Eliminating wrong answers
C. How to apply for NCLEX


II. Components of the NCLEX-RN

A. Cultural Issues: review and practice questions
B. Ethics and Legal Issues: review and practice
C. Time management, priorities, assignments, delegation: review and practice
D. Safety: review and practice
E. Medication and Intravenous solutions: review and practice
F. Basic Life Support: review and practice
G. Perioperative Nursing Care: review and practice
H. Positioning Patients: review and practice
I. Patient Care with a Tube: review and practice
J. Theories of Growth and Development: review and practice
K. Maternity Issues: review and practice
L. Pediatrics: review and practice
M. Adult Health: review and practice
N. Mental Health: review and practice
O. Gerontalogical Patient: review and practice




“I had to take my NCLEX to get licensed in NYS (I am a Canadian nurse). Since I got my original license over 8 years ago, you can imagine the stress I was facing. I did not have time to take a refresher course so I purchased the AudioLearn instead. I listened to it and studied with it at my own pace and I passed the NCLEX the first time!” J. Pierce, ON


“When I received my Authorization to Test two months ago, I did not know where to start. After 15 years of attending endless review classes and purchasing countless review books, and failing the NCLEX-RN test, I told myself that I will try something new and I googled "RN review, audio, NCLEX, CD" and this 12 CD set was in the list...Thank God, I bought it and my husband even downloaded all 12 CD's in my Ipod for further convenience!!! I listened to all 12 CD's over and over for a month... I did not pick up any book to compare or verify the materials I was listening to... I just the car, on the bed, doing housework, shopping..everywhere!!! My brain woke up with the constant rambling of the speaker and began to remember the past 4 years of college education I had...Wowwwww!!!! I listened to the 12 CD which also included a comprehensive exam with rationale on the last 2 CD's at least 2-3 times for a whole month and took my test two days after and passed!!!! I answered 76 questions and passed!!!! The consistent reminder of the speaker as I listen to her with my earphone seemed to give me better retention capacity than if I listened to an actual instructor or read the information on my own.  This review is highly recommended for all working mothers who have tried every possible review, needs a flexible schedule and a refresher course in entry level nursing....” Customer


“As a foreign trained nurse, my healthcare recruiter informed me that I need NCLEX to get licensed in the states. I downloaded the NCLEX AudioLearn and spent many hours listening to it. The language was clear and I could understand it easily. I did pass my exam and am waiting on licensure in FL. Great study aid!” M. Goldfinch, CA


“I am a recruiter in a travel nurse company. Many of our nurse candidates need to pass NCLEX in order to get licensed. I always refer them to this study aid as it gets excellent results. My manager thinks it is such a good tool that he reimburses the nurse for this purchase upon successful licensure!” K. Griffin, OH


“Great audio learning tool. I downloaded it into my MP3 and listened to it while I work out, drive or do yard work. I liked it so much that I purchased the download for pharmacy drugs also. I know these 2 tools helped me pass my NCLEX on my first try. All nurses looking to take NCLEX should purchase!” E. Ruffino, CA


“What a great find. I was tearing my hair out trying to get study aids and on line courses to help me with NCLEX. Then I found this site and the NCLEX-RN AudioLearn and it really worked. It is an easy way to study and a great investment. Don’t take the NCLEX without it.” G. Connelly, IN