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Our Story


Have you ever noticed how easily your brain can recall a song or a tune you hear on the radio and sometimes it seems like you can't get the song out of your head no matter what you do.

Why is that? And more importantly, how can this phenomenon be put to good use?

These were thoughts going through my head back in 1997 when I was a premedical student studying for the dreaded MCAT, the medical school admission test required by just about every US accredited medical school and often labeled as one of the hardest admission tests in the world of academia.

I knew what made the MCAT especially tough was having just a few weeks to review what had taken the previous four years of undergraduate classes to learn.

I thought if I had a chance to listen to this material over and over, it should stick in my head just like the tunes my local radio DJ was in love with. So I started by going through my notes, books, study guides and past exams, carefully extracting all high yield, regularly tested facts, formula and figures and organizing them into a long manuscript broken down by subject.


I then began to narrate my manuscript into cassette tapes, which I listened to any chance I got. I soon realized that

a. I was retaining much more information than I did by just reading alone

b. I could recall hard to remember concepts with ease and

c. I maximized my minimal prep time by studying on my commute to school, at the gym and before going to bed.

This was a powerful tool and the world had to know about was born the core concept of AudioLearn: highly relevant bite sized bits of information developed by professors and experts in each field of study and delivered by professional voice over artists.


Shahrad Yazdani